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COVID-19 Guidelines



Please be patient with us. As a lot of you know, this is not the normal way we operate, but it has to be the new way for now.

We are all in this boat together so lets’ help to sail it together rather than “letting it sink” and we will get there safely.                                                   


  • There is sanitizer in the vestibule, please sanitize your hands before entering the building.

  • When signing the registration form, please use your own pen if possible.

  • Your room keys will be in your room door.

  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you with your luggage up to your rooms. We will point you in the direction of your room.

Please remember your social distancing and respect others.

Depending on how many rooms leave on the day you arrive will depend on checking in. With deep cleaning rooms, it's going to take a lot longer to finish, so you may not be able to check-in until later in the day. 


  • We are unable to enter your room for servicing, (except for emergencies).

  • If clean towels are needed please leave them outside the door and we will put clean ones there.

  • If teas, coffee, milk etc, and toilet paper is required, tell us and we will place them in bags and hang them on the door handle.

  • Leave any waste bin bags outside and we will leave a fresh bag. 


Unfortunately, the bar will be closed. Due to having a small bar, we are unable to meet the social distancing requirement.


All areas are deep cleaned regularly, including all bannisters and all door handles.

The public toilet will be closed


When checking out:

  • Please place your room key in the box of sanitizer that will be located in the hall.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer to store your luggage on check-out.


Please pay on arrival. Wherever possible please pay by card, if paying by cash, (correct amount if possible), to be placed in the designated area. 


There will be sanitizer at the bar door, you must sanitize your hands before you enter for breakfast.

Depending on how many guests we have, will depend on how we can work it. 

If we are Busy, we will be offering two sittings, the first will be at 8 o'clock till 8.45 the second sitting will be 9 o'clock till 9.45.

You will be allocated seating, although we will have families first. We must insist on you coming down on time, if there are any latecomers for their time, you will miss breakfast. It has to run on time. Only one person (from each family) at a time at the breakfast bar. 

Once you have finished, please vacate the Dining room straight away.


Children must remain with their parents at all times.

Please do not loiter on the stairs or in the hallways. This will limit traffic in small areas.

PLEASE be mindful of social distancing at all times.

We will let you know as soon as there are any updates.
Please keep checking back to this page.

Geoff & Lorraine

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